The Summer of Prayer


"Prayer is talking to God about what we're doing."
— Dallas Willard

"There is no bad way to pray and there is no one starting point for prayer. All the great spiritual masters offer only one non-negotiable rule: You have to show up for prayer, and you have to show up regularly. Every else is negotiable and respects your unique circumstances."
— Ronald Rolheiser, from Prayer: Our Deepest Longing

This summer, I’m really wanting to focus on prayer and I’m inviting my whole community to join me on this journey. Maybe you want to jump as well.

There are specific things that Holy Trinity McKinney (HTM) needs to be praying about and praying for, but most importantly, I think we need to be growing into an identity of prayer. To be a community that prays. We pray together; we pray for one another; we pray at home, at church, and many places in between. This is true for myself as well. My guess is that it’s true for many of us, we could use to spent a bit more time in prayer.

If I were honest, my lack of prayer often stems from a belief that my efforts to do things for God are going to be more effective than simply spending time with God (praying). This is obviously a false dichotomy and we can be sure that God, through prayer, will call us to action. But for most of us, action isn't the problem, nor is praying too much the problem. Slowing down, even stopping to cultivate our abiding relationship with the triune God, this is our challenge.

So over the summer, I'll be writing about challenges to prayer, tips for prayer, and my experience in prayer. I'll be spending time with old friends and new friends, which is to say I'm reading books about prayers, some I've read some I haven't and gleaning some of their insight to share.

I'll be sharing prayer requests and I invite you to do that same. Email me or message me. Whatever works best for you and I'll pray!

One of the things I say pretty regularly at HTM is that God is always and already present. With that little reality marker in place, Dallas Willard's perspective on prayer is right on the money, "Prayer is talking to God about what we're doing." So let's start there!

Grace and peace



Summer Fun. Kids are out of school but mom and dad are not on vacation. Pray we could be present to our kids and generous to one another while we get all the things done we need to.

Summers are typically slow months for the church. We'll have a bit of an alternative schedule at HTM during July. My prayer is that we could grow as a community, gain connections, and build momentum over the summer.

This Sunday, we will be creating hygiene kits for immigrants and asylum seekers on the border. We'll assemble the kits and send them to our friend, Fr. Michael Jarrett who will distribute them to La Posada Providencia in San Benito, TX and then to families who need them. Pray for our efforts and that this would meet the needs of those most vulnerable on our border. And prayer for Fr. Michael and his team at Trinity on the Border. I know very little about the complexities in his context but I trust him and believe we are called to love our neighbor, without qualification. This has already stirred a little controversy on Facebook, pray that we aren't distracted in any way but are encouraged by our efforts.