Learning Rhythms of Sabbath Rest

Walter Brueggemann says in his book Sabbath as Resistance: Saying NO the Culture of Now that, "It occurs to me that Sabbath is the school for our desires, an expose and critique of the false desires that focus on idolatry and greed that have immense power for us. When we do not pause, these false desires take power over us. But Sabbath is the chance for self-embrace of our true identity."

The Willits family recently decided to steal away a little family vacation! But really we were practicing Sabbath together. I'm learning, we're learning as a family what it means to Sabbath as God created us to. I'm more convinced every week that I need a rhythm of weekly Sabbath, that my family needs rhythms of weekly and yearly extended Sabbath. So we did it! It was a stretch! We couldn't afford to be gone long and we stayed in the hill billy gulf coast area but it was a beautiful time together. Andrea and I expressed to each other how thankful we are that we did it! We unplugged, got away, spent time with each other and with God. I might even say we worshiped! It was a beautiful and needed time for our family! 

Here are some pictures from our family sabbath... 

Here are a couple more gems from Brueggemann to inspire you!
"The 'other gods' are agents and occasions of anxiety. But we, by discipline, by resolve, by baptism, by Eucharist, and by passion, resist such seductions. In so doing we stand alongside the creator in whose image we are made. By the end of six days God has done all that was necessary for creation... so have we!" 

"I have come to think that the moment of giving the bread of the Eucharist as gift is the quintessential center of the notion of Sabbath rest in Christian tradition. It is gift! We receive in gratitude. Imagine having a sacrament named "thanks"! We are on the receiving end, without accomplishment, achievement, or qualification. It is a gift, and we are grateful! That moment of gift is a peaceable alternative that many who are "weary and heavy-laden, cumbered with a load of care" receive gladly. The offer of free gift, faithful to Judaism, might let us learn enough to halt the dramatic anti-neighborliness to which our society is madly and uncritically committed."