I'm on a podcast & another you should listen to

I love listening to Podcasts. You might say I'm an addict. My wife would! Well, this week we've got a couple really cool things happening in the podcast world. First, I'm on a podcast! How exciting is that! Second, Gimlet Media's StartUp podcast, one of, if not my all-time favorite podcast started a new season... AND IT'S ON CHURCH PLANTING! Let me tell you more. 

#1. The Intersection Podcast — brought to you by The Telos Collective

I've joined the team with my Bishop, Todd Hunter and the Telos Collective crew to help out with the podcast. They put out a few really good episodes already but decided they wanted some help strategizing, planning, and overall dialing it in. Ryan and Andrea work a ton with all the details of the Telos Collective and I'm excited to jump in and help give some specialized attention to the podcast.  Today my first episode with them dropped! It's just a highlight episode of the conference that just happened but it was fun jumping in and reflecting with Bp. Todd and Ryan and getting a feel for the future of the Intersection Podcast.

Our tagline is: "We interview thinkers, scholars and practitioners to help Anglicans engage culture with the gospel." 

The goal of the podcast is to hear from both thought leaders and practitioners, equipping leaders, specifically Anglican leaders for the work God has given them to do and the missional living God is calling us all to participate in. 

I'm excited to be apart of this! 

Andrea Bailey Willits, my amazing wife, works behind the scene on this project and Ryan Boettcher, a good friend of mine is the brains of the operation! And of course, as I mentioned, there is Bishop Todd! I can't say enough about my bishop. He's an amazing leader, a thoughtful and pastoral bishop, and an all-around good guy! 

Good people = good times! I hope you'll listen and give us some feedback along the way!

My second podcast recommendation is the StartUp podcast. I would recommend StartUp regardless. Start at season 1 and binge your way through. SO GOOD! But this season of the podcast is all about Church Planting!

WOW! This is timely for me for sure!
In case you didn't know, my family moved to McKinney Texas less than a year ago to plant a new Anglican church. We're doing it! Excited to hear about others doing it.  

I've listened to episode one and loved it. If you're a friend of a church planter (you probably are if you're reading this) you should totally listen to this! It will give you a little insight into the life and mind of a church plant and planter. 

I'm sure I'll share more about this as the season unfolds but it's really interesting that a company that isn't Christian by any means is covering church planting. I'm very curious how they tell the story and the attention it gives to the church planting world and to those of us on the ground, who do the work of church planting.

The host of this season, Eric Mennel, is a Christian. On the second or third season of the show the crew was talking about diversity and how they didn't think they had any Christians who worked at Gimlet. They seemed to think this was probably a good thing but alas, Eric stepped out from behind the boom mic he was holding and said, actually I'm a Christian. It was a cool moment. I'm glad he's getting the opportunity to do what he's doing! 

I tweeted when I found out about this season StartUp, "I'd like to say they stole my idea (for a church planting StartUp podcast) but since I got it from listening to StartUp and the only person I told about it was Ryan and my wife I guess I can't really claim any intellectual properties. Oh well, can't wait to listen to this action!" 

It's true, I totally had this idea, to make a podcast that parallels StartUp but is all about church planting. My idea isn't identical to what they're doing and who knows, maybe I'll still do something in the future, but I'm excited to hear the story they share and see how it might highlight the important work of church planting in our world. 

Take a listen! And have a conversation with a church planter. They need help, always! And I know a church planter you can talk to!!! Here's his email address [ my email

Grace and peace