Confidence through his gracious gift...

I’m finding that in the start-up world, and I’m considering church planting as part of that world, certain nerves are exposed. These nerves are often connected to vulnerability and confidence.  

It’s easy to drown some of this in a pool of work and business. Or so they tell me (wink wink). But i’m also doing some work and am being encouraged to pay attention to these tender spots, these places that seems exposed or seems to evoke emotion and tumult. Not because something good or bad is going down but because it is precisely in these places, good or bad or indifferent, that God is wanting participate and bring about good and wholeness. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.17.44 PM.png

So I ran across this prayer today that made me think about this. I thought I would share. The bolded part particularly stuck out to me.

Lord Jesus, eternal Word of God, become flesh for our sake, we accept you and thank you for all we receive from you. By your gracious gift, we have every right to complete confidence in your love for us and, by believing in your name, have the power to partake of your divine nature. Blest are you, O Savior of the world, now and for ever. Amen. 

And Amen.

Erik Willits