A New Website...

This site has been live for at least 5 or 6 years I think. I can't even remember, it's been awhile. So it's time for a new website! I'm gonna try and do this myself. Dangerous I know. I have the summer off, for the most part, and I'm obviously not an avid blogger (though I want to be a bit more active) so I am hoping I'll have a little time to do this.

I also am hoping that this will bring the web guides to my books in line with the context and function of my website and blog. Also, some kind of connection with the family website I've set up, sharing our family journey and our plan for the future. I will probably need some help integrating my blog and website and all that good stuff but the goal is to do this by the end of the summer. We shall see.

If you happen to read this and have any ideas, helpful suggestions, or expertise to offer let me know. I would be grateful for any of the above!

Grace and peace