Lent Week #4 :: Music Monday(ish)

Well, Lent is supposed to remind you that you're a dirtbag right? [ from dust we have come, right...] Or least it's supposed to remind you of your humanity and need for Christ. I'm reminded of that every time I think about my blog, or more accurately, my non-blog. I would love to blog more but I just don't make the time for it. I have pages of blog ideas but haven't taken the time to flesh them out. Someday I hope to blog once a week, for now... it will be what it will be. Anyway, here is another addition of my Lenten music playlist. If you want to just get direct access to this, follow the playlist on Spotify. I'll be adding to the same playlist every week.

This week I'm adding a little All Sons and Daughters action. Great stuff... and this week as we focus on being aware of God, even in the midst of our Lenten deserts, I would recommend their songs Christ Be All Around Me and God With Us as well.