Lent :: A Reminder

Lent is a reminder — I’ve felt it in my bones this season and have been reminded, both in the sermon I heard yesterday and in the homily shared today during morning prayer. Reminders are all around, constant, and we are only half way through the season of Lent.

There are reminders all around, for instance, I read this Psalm in morning prayer today…

Psalm 119:25-32 ( ד Daleth  )

25 My soul clings to the dust; revive me according to your word. 26 When I told of my ways, you answered me; teach me your statutes. 27 Make me understand the way of your precepts, and I will meditate on your wondrous works. 28 My soul melts away for sorrow; strengthen me according to your word. 29 Put false ways far from me; and graciously teach me your law. 30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I set your ordinances before me. 31 I cling to your decrees, O Lord; let me not be put to shame. 32 I run the way of your commandments, for you enlarge my understanding.

“My soul clings to the dust…”

I want that to be true of my Lenten experience. Really, I want that to be true of my life. To always keep my humanity and mortality before me, knowing that my every breath is a gift of God.

We are halfway through Lent but far from eternity. It is with this in mind that we let our Lenten disciplines begin to shape our heart and mind and our desire toward life that is most truly situated in the reality of the Kingdom of God. This reality that we will someday day live fully.

So this day, right now, we live like we will fully live someday. Lent is God’s gift to us, helping us have space and practice to do this very thing in intentional, practical and communal ways. Hopefully, we are learning to live during Lent, a little more like we should live all the time and will fully live in the time to come.

Hang in there. Cling to the dust. Resurrection is around the corner! Grace and peace Erik