iPhones & Early Adopters...

If  you're reading this you probably know about my book Ordinary Time that is out. (You can buy your copy here if you'd like). But connected to the Ordinary Time book and all the books I have out so far is a web guide. The web guides are essentially just blogs (Tumblr pages) that host extra supplemental content connected to the books. So if you have the book and at the bottom of the page you are reading you see a little icon, that means there is content on the web guide that is connected to that days reflection / devotion.

You can read the book without ever clicking on the web guide. And you can even check out the web guide without having the book. Although that might be a bit harder or disjointed. Yea, you might need some context but some times it won't matter.

Anyway. Today's web guide is full of stuff and I put this little extra ditty up that I thought was pretty cool. It's my proof of early adopter status. Check it out...

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.19.39 PM

Just as a way of proving myself and having a little fun... I found this picture of all the iPhones. This is every generation of iPhones that has ever existed (I added the iPhone 6 myself).

I’ve had them all!!!!

I’ve waited in lines, stayed up till odd hours of the night to order 1st thing, and have haggled with many a craigslist companion in order to sell my old phone to pay for the new one.

I’ve actually only paid for the very first iPhone. Since then I have always been able to sell the old and get the new. AT&T is making that harder with the 6 and i’m sure they will with the 6S as well but i’ve got a system, it’s fun and feeds my Apple addiction yearly.

No really spiritual value here but as I mentioned in todays reflection, i’m an early adopter. PROOF!

And in case you are interested here is today devotion from the Ordinary Time book. If you like it, you should buy a copy today!


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FRIDAY // DAY 41 READING Daily Scripture Reading :: Luke 14:25-35

I’m an early adopter. That means I get the new gadget or sign up for the new website when everybody else is still weighing the pros and cons. I’ve waited in line for the better part of a day for a first generation iPhone and have beta-tested several social media websites. I only know one person who signed up for Twitter before I did. (You can give me a high five later.)

Not only am I an early adopter, but I am also an evangelist—that person who loves what they’ve got and has to tell everybody about it. Did you know that Apple actually has a job title “Chief Evangelist”? Sign me up; I’m in!

But one thing that comes with being an early adopter and gadget evangelist is that I am also a fickle friend. I have the capacity to jump from one love to the next at the drop of a hat. I love something one minute and the next have forgotten about it.

Love, by its nature, calls for a certain type of exclusivity. For example, you can’t really love an iPhone and an Android at the same time. Matthew 6:24 says it all, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”

Our Scripture reading today is a hard one. People go round and round about what Jesus really meant when he said you must hate your father, mother, wife, children. Beneath the multiple layers of this passage, one thing it definitely gets at is the exclusive nature of love.

I believe the love I have for my wife, my kids and my friends and enemies is somehow enabled by the love I have been given. Only because I have been given it, am I now able to give it. And maybe the exclusive love from a person is a beacon, a sign post of the love God has for us in Jesus, inviting us to participate in it through the Spirit and calling us to share it in community.

What is competing for your exclusive, action-evoking love for God?

Check out the web guide as I mentioned above for some supplemental content


Grace and peace Erik