The Trinity

Much ink has been spilled on the doctrine of the Trinity. And rightfully so. It's important and beautiful and formative and at the heart of who we are as Christians. Here is a great quote by Bishop Kallistos ware on the Trinity (you can also find a youtube video of B. Ware talking about the Trinity.)

"There is in God genuine diversity as well as true unity. The Christian God is not just a unit but a union, not just unity but community. There is in God something analogous to “society”. He is not a single person, loving himself alone, not a self-contained monad or “The One”. He is trinity: three equal persons, each one dwelling in the other two by virtue of an unceasing movement of mutual love.”

The Orthodox Way, by Kallistos Ware


And the classic Trinity icon by Rublev for vision pondering and prayer.

Rublev Trinity