Becoming aware of what God is weaving...

A few things collided this morning. Have you experienced that?

When something is really heavy on my heart and mind it happens often. I think it’s one of tricks of Paul’s admonishment to “think on these things.” I’m not sure God jumps into some kind of hyperdrive mode when I think on good and holy things but I wondering if when we tune our attention to what is good and holy and important, I wonder if we don’t wind up seeing it all over the place because it’s on our mind and we’ve tuned our hearts into it. Maybe it's a matter of awareness. I liken to when I'm looking to buy a new car, say a Honda Pilot. I all the sudden see Honda Pilots EVERYWHERE! They were probably always there but now they are on my mind and now I am aware of them.


I do think that when I pray about something, anticipating God’s action and my participate, that God does move in ways that God may not have moved if I hadn’t chosen to pray and participate. I believe prayer can move the hand of God. But just as often, maybe way more often actually, God is already moving, doing God’s things when I jump in to participate. I wind up amazed at all the dots that God connects for me, all the things that fall into place and the threads that wind up being woven between worlds and areas and thoughts and prayers — things that I may have thought disconnected and fragmented beofore but now are so obviously connected and integrated... but it's actually what God was up to all along. That’s how God works ins’t it. God works for shalom. This reality that all things are connected and in their right place. We don’t experience shalom often but when we do we are surprised. We shouldn’t be. This is God’s heart and desire. God is always and already wanting and instigating shalom, peace, rightness, alignment, kintsugi. Sometime we just need to focus, be intentional, BE AWARE and we will witness what God is already doing in our world all around us.

I’m still processing some of things that God is aligning in my head and heart and pondering this thread that I am becoming aware of in my life. I’ll share soon but just the thought that God is living and active in my everyday life, connecting dots, weaving life and love, aligning passions and working for my good is quite an amazing thing!

God is doing the same for you. Think about it.