Books of 2014

Last year was the year of the audio book for me. My friend Brad and I have an argument about reading vs listening. I still feel like I am cheating when I say "I read" a book when I actually only listened it. This doesn't diminish listening to books, as you will see I listened to a lot of them BUT they are definitely 2 different things. Anyway, here are the books I took in in 2014...


Sabbath As Resistance by Walter Bureggemann Creed by Winfield Bevins Prayer; Our Deepest Longing by Ronald Rolheiser A Spirituality of Living by Henri Nouwen ( I read this twice this year and have read it in previous years. It's so good!) In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen (This is also a repeat, I read this once in college. It's profound!) Discerning the Will of God; An Ignatian Guide to Christian Decision Making by Timothy Gallagher

I read bit of A LOT of other books but these are the only ones I made it through. Honestly, they were all pretty amazing. The Brueggeman book and the Rolheiser book are ones that I will be recommending for years to come! Nouwen is already on that list. Timothy Gallagher has a whole series of books in his Ignatian Spirituality for everyday life series. They are really good, I like them a lot but they aren't amazing. Worth ready, yes! But I won't be buying copies for all my friends or anything. I ready half of his Discerning the Spirits book as well. Also good not great.

Now here is my list of audio books. Because the list is so long I'm going to start with my top 5.

Long Obedience in the Same Direction by Eugene Peterson I've been wanting to read this for awhile, the paperback is on my shelf. But then I saw it on Audible, DONE! And it was really good, so good in fact, I will still pick it up and actually read it sometime. Loved it. I learn to love Eugene Peterson more more... I have 2 books of his in my Audible queue right now!

Malcom Gladwell! David and GoliathThe Tipping PointBlink I'm not sure which of these I liked better. They were all extremely fascinating! I probably like David and Goliath the least but again, they were all good. Malcolm Gladwell is probably my favorite author to listen to. His books are packed with amazing stories and he is always drawing such incredible conclusions. Yea, he's amazing! I plan on listening to more of this stuff this year as well!

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr Rohr is a bit crazy at times. He says some stuff that I'm like, "Really, that seems a bit weird." But more often then not he is spot on and draws me into the deep end of life and faith! I'm currently re-listening to his book The Art of Letting go. I'm listening slowly and take through notes this time through! Falling Upward, also absolutely phenomenal!

Vagabonding By Rolf Potts This was recommended by a couple people and it didn't disappoint. I now want to go travel the world but other than that, the call to simplicity and openness. The call to be a traveler and not a tourist. These are all things that the follower of Jesus should listen to, take to heart and, by the grace of God attempt to live! It was a great book! I'll definitely get a paper copy and read it at some point!

The Fish That Ate the Whale by Rich Cohen I'm not exactly sure what captured me about this book and this story but I was captured. Super interesting story about the banana man and the start of the banana industry.

Here is the rest of my list — with a 1 - 5 star rating!

Present Perfect by Gregory Body (**** ) The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography by Alan Jacobs (**** .5) Bad Religion by Ross Douthat (**** ) Too Busy Not to Pray (**** ) Evil and the Justice of God (****.5) Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Curry (****) What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell (**** ) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig (***.5 ) The Holy Spirit and Power (Sermons) by John Wesley (***  ) The King Jesus Gospel (**** ) 7 Men by Eric Metaxas (***.5  ) Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson (***  ) Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley (***  ) The Art of Procrastination by John Perry (***  ) Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola & George Barna (*    ) The Book Thief by Markus Zusah (***.5  )

There ya go! What's on my 2015 list... I'll tell you soon!