What you win them with | Advent

It feels kinda weird but I have been reading my own Advent devotional along with this one. (which is really good!)But reading my own words has been like reminding myself what God has been teaching me over the last few years when it comes to Advent. It's like hearing my best self give my current self advice for the Advent season. It's been weird but God has really been using it. It's almost like re-reading your journal or watching a video you recorded a few years back as you give your future self advice or something. (I've never done that but I've see it in the movies ;-)

So this is the thought I had written last week in the Advent Book, day 13 if you're curious. (it's cut up, edited & shortened a little from the original for this blogs purposes)

Nativity Cosmic IconHave you ever hear the phrase, "What you win them with, you win them to." ... As we engage the Advent story try and think honestly about God's means and method of winning, of saving and redeeming the world in Christ. Jesus comes poor and powerless. He come humbly; He comes as a minimalist. He comes needy and he comes crying. Not as a powerful king, flashy entertainer or a crafty politician but as a baby. A BABY! In this form, He begins His redemptive mission to win the world to himself and to make all things new. In Christ's birth, we get a glimpse of God's means. If this is how God is choosing to win and redeem the world, maybe this is also how He wants to shape our lives, our purposes and our mission.

Adding to the thought from the book I would say that maybe God wants us to use some of the same means as we spread His love and help people to see the God who is wooing them and winning their affection for the abundant and redemptive life He has created us all for.

Church leaders.

How would this Advent idea change what it looks like as you plan Christmas services and evangelism efforts?

Christians. Followers of Jesus. Those on mission with and for God.

How would this Advent idea change how live and how you share your faith?

When we keep this in mind maybe we can more fully participate in God's redemptive love and His rescue plan and maybe even it could inform how we prepare for His return. After all, it's always Advent right!  #Advent

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