The Head and The Heart // Music Monday

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.29.21 PMI am by no means a connoisseur of song writing and things of that nature. I do have friends who are amazing song writers and I try and listen to a lot of good music. More then any of that I just know a song that connects with me lyrically and musically. The band The Head and The Heart have a handful of such songs, 2 in particular. The 1st one I’ll share is their song Down in the Valley. It’s their tune that caught my attention. It’s been on repeat ever since and I’ve grown to really love this band because of it. It all started with this tune…

I’m a total wanderer. My wife and kids have settled me down a bit in the best sorta way but I will confess that I often romanticize my previous life and the travel and adventure I lived in those years. Sidenote… I was a traveler not a tourist. I’ve been learning the difference as I read the book Vagabonding (another post for another time!)

Songs like this resonate deeply with my traveler / wander inner life. The desire to be rooted, you might say in “an age old trade” but finding myself all over the place, even if only in my mind these days, but yea, I get it!

The second song that is REALLY REALLY on repeat and is, in my opinion, an amazing song and one I feel like I could have written myself if I were a song writer or talented at all in the craft of lyrics...

I can relate! The idea that life just keeps moving and friends and community keep moving! You miss folks like crazy and you can only hope that somewhere around the corner or down the road your paths will cross again. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of community lately. How that looks, how one participates and even leads a community of people. What does it mean to come and go and yet stay in heart a bit. What does it mean to stay, but to stay in the past romanticizing some alternative reality. The only thing that is real is now and I could use to remember that from time to time.

I also think of how Paul, speaking about the community he knew and loved in Philippi talked about this. The affection he had for these people he was no longer with but had hope around a future reunion but love for them in their present absence.

Rivers and road man, rivers and roads! ;-)

A couple more links… a link to a great live version of Down in the Valley [ LINK ] (really this whole eTown series is pretty cool!) Here is a good live performance [ LINK ] Finally, a good playlist of their tunes... [ LINK ]