DO WORK :: productivity in a time of distraction

I've been thinking a lot about productivity this week! I've got lots of writing to do in the next couple months and not a ton of time to do it! I’ll be using the hashtag #DOWORK as I write and blog and tweet about writing, blogging and tweeting. HA! Not really, I’ll be giving some updates and info on my writing but I also hope to share some things that I find to work when it comes to the productivity game. I struggle in said game and I hope I can experiment a bit as I hunker down and do work! I’ll share my journey along the way. But only a little bit… I’m trying to be productive here, gosh! How about you? Do you have any tips, tricks or tools when it comes to productivity? I’d love to hear.

Tim Ferriss has a bunch of good productivity tips on his blog & in his book. He also has a good podcast to check out. Below is a link to the @tferriss podcasts on productivity. These are all what Tim calls “inbetweenasodes” which are shorter mini-podcasts. They’re my favorite. His regular episodes are way to long! Fascinating but to long. The episode entitled [ Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me) ] is the specific one I’m talking about but all three you’ll find at this link are pretty good! LINK ::

I also found these websites with productivity tools and reviews. I’m looking forward to checking some of them out.

Here is a list of productivity increasing apps :: 99U - 10 Online Tools for better attention & Focus

And Mashable has a list as well :: 6 Apps That Block Online Distractions So You Can Get Work Done

And then there is this list, it seems the most thorough. The website blocking tools are where I am most interested right now. A good timer would also be helpful I think :: Gigaom - 19 apps to boost concentration 

I also downloaded a little app called FOCUS. It looked cool and was free! 

I also saw this one that is an open source program but It does’t look as cool, maybe even looks a little scary. Worries me to put it on my computer but I may try it out. The app is called Selfcontrol. 

Now on with the work!