4 Marks of the Anglican Church

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.26.59 PMYesterday I watched / listened to the investiture of the Archbishop Foley Beach. He is the new Archbishop of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). I hear great things about him and he seems to bring some exciting vision and mission to the ACNA, which is the group I find myself apart of these days. He shared a message during his investiture that I thought was worth sharing. I think the 4 things he identifies are 4 things any and all churches would benefit from focusing on and committing themselves to. They are 4 things I can get on board with for sure!

Here they are along with a few quotes & thoughts…


4 Marks of the Anglican Church in North America

#1. We are a repenting church

“I call all people; bishops, priests ,vestry… everybody, REPENT.” “It means changing your mind…”

#2. We are a reconciling church

“We’re called to be a reconciled and reconciling church.” ”To be at peace with God and one another.” ”We pass the peace every week. It symbolized we are at peace with our brothers and sisters.” ”The question that must be asked is, is there someone or a bunch of someone’s that you need to be reconciled with?” Ephesians 4:30 - “forgiving each other as Christ has Forgive you.”

#3. We are a Reproducing Church

Matthew 28:29

“We’re called to be a reproducing church, a disciple making church.” “This is a major reason why we are given the Holy Spirit.” “The power of the Spirit is related to our go and make disciples.” “We must go!” “Draw a circle around your church, a 1 mile radius. And go meet your neighbors.” “The fish are not going to jump into your boat.” “Anglican Christians know both their Bible and their cat.”

#4. We are called to be a relentlessly compassionate church

2 Cor. 5:14,1 Tim. 1:5…

“I challenge you pray this prayer, “Lord open my eye to see the hurt and pain in the people around me.” “People are craving the answer to their needs and we have it… Jesus.” “Jesus expects his body to be his body.” “We must be a living body engaged with the people around us. We must be the temple of the holy spirit…”