Acoustic Goods // Music Mondays

I listen to a good bit of music, i'm not an A&R rep or anything but I listen to a lot of music. It’s varied, I listen to a lot of different stuff and have gone through phases where really different kinds of music have dominating my headphones. Today I’m sharing a playlist I’ve been listing to A TON on Spotify… my Acoustic Goods playlist! I love acoustic singer song writer music! Like this...

Iron & Wine :: Boy with a coin

(also check out the official music video of this one)

It’s kinda funny, looking back and remembering the different stuff that has been on repeat. I can remember my rock phase, my U2 or anything that sounded like them phase , my indy band phase, my rap phase, not to be confused with my R&B phase. The techno year, and my moody sad-bastard music phase (still love that, my wife hates it, i.e. William Fitzsimmons). My Christian music only phase, which was a kinda long one but probably good for me! Many different bands have also had their turn on repeat… Dave Matthew, Guster (because I saw them open for Dave Matthews), Cold Play, Griffin House (he might have the record!), U2 (as mentioned above), Nashville only guys (Andy Davis, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Trent Dabbs), Damien Rice (connected to the sad-bastard phase), David Crowder and all the passion worship guys had a long phase, as did Derek Webb (along with Caedmon's Call), G Love and the Special Sause had a special phase!, Matisyahu (who can beat jewish reggae! This was tied to my study of the Jewish roots of the New Testament phase!), Gungor and the Brillance (their related so I connected them), Radio Head (who hasn’t had that one!), Sigur Ros… Wow, the list could go on!!!

But the acoustic, singer song writer thread has pretty much always snuck in from time to time. If I only could listen to one type of music, my desert island top 5 play list, it this would be all acoustic, all the time! Great song writing, voices and musicianship! It makes me want to play my guitar more and move back to Nashville! 

This playlist isn’t complete by any means. Guys like Griffin House and Ari Hest haven’t even made it on here yet. Sorry! There is always new guys popping up and new discoveries to be made (I'll recommendations). I’ll keep adding to this list but check it out! There is some pretty great stuff on here! 

Here are a few of my favorites… 
(in video form)

Cataldo :: Prison Boxing

James Vincient McMorrow :: From the Woods

Iron and Wine :: The full show



PS :: There are a few off handed references from my #1 all time favorite movie! (Here is a link to one of the best scenes from said movie — above references included) *** warning — adult language will be found ***