Prayer : why would I read other peoples prayers…

Prayer is a constant learning curve in my life. I, most times, feel pretty inept at praying and despite my many hours of practicing over the past 10 - 20 years, I still feel like a novice. My novitiate status is why I can often be found reading some book on prayer, how to pray, or creative prayer practices. Recently I've been reading a lot of Ignatius inspired resources like these OR these OR this... they have been extremely helpful! I also picked up this small book by Ronald Rolheiser on prayer a month or so ago. I finally started reading it and !wow! it's really good! It's pretty basic and accessible but SO good. It doesn't dumb anything down or speak in juvenile language, it's profound and incredibly accessible at the same time. I'm about halfway done and already think it will be the kind of book I get lots of copies of and hand out to people in my church someday. Rolheiser is a Catholic guy, a priest to be precise but so far in the book, he is writing to a broad audience with very little Roman Catholic verbiage. (His book Holy Longing is also amazing and to say it's worth the read would be an understatement!)

I wanted to share this little bit from his book. I often get the question, "why would you read other peoples prayers? Shouldn't prayer be from the heart? Simply you talking with God." Of course, conversational and extemporaneous prayer that is an important part of one's prayer life. However, I always try and speak to the experience of having a hard time praying and why there are times when having a prayer to read or a prayer book to guide you has really helped me to come to the father in ways that I often feel incapable of on my own. Rolheiser, in talking about Lauds (morning prayers) and Vespers (evenings prayers) says some great things about these written prayers. I think they can have a wider reaching purpose than he suggests but they at least live into what Rolheiser is talking about, maybe more but not less.

Have I mentioned how good this book is? It's so good friends!
Go pick up the book yesterday and read the rest!!!

Prayer; Our Deepest Longing
I decided to picture it instead of type. Much faster! ENJOY!


PS: Maybe a better title for this blog is, “Prayer: Why would I pray other peoples prayers.”
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