Needtobreathe // Music Monday

I'm a big fan of Needtobreathe. I love their sound, they write some great tunes and for the most part they really break the mold when it comes Christians bands. Their 2009 album The Outsiders, WOW! Such a good album! But I'm featuring them on this Music Monday because there is a song off their new album that is completely stuck in my head. I had only heard it a few times, I liked it but it didn't really capture my attention and I haven't really listened to their new album, Rivers in the Wasteland much at all.

This past weekend I spent some extended time unplugged, silent and in prayer. And for some reason during this time their song Difference Maker was thoroughly stuck in my head... primarily just the line, "I am a different maker — I am a friend of God." I couldn't get that line and the melody form the song out of my head. Having only heard the song a few time and not being overly struck by it, it's constant mental repeat during my prayer time felt like a message or a reminder or something like that.

I'm trying, in the way of of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, to recognize that everything is spiritual, God is always and already present and involved, and that it's ALL a gift — every single thing and thought. So with that in mind, "I am a different maker — I am a friend of God."

Needtobreathe has a TON of great music! Like I said, listen their album The Outsiders, track #1 to track #14 (front to back) and you won't be disappointed once! But here are a few of my top recommendations (make sure to follow them on Spotify and then go buy a album or 2!)

The Outsiders — Track 1, side 1 --  ;-) Let Us Love *** Something Beautiful Through the Smoke Lay em' Down These Hard Times Washed by the Water

As I look through their music I'm realizing all over again... It's all good! Just click play and listen! And ENJOY!

And this series of LIVE Needtobreathe videos are also really great!