Leaders on Post-Christian Culture [ VIDEO ]

My bishop is Todd Hunter. Todd is one of those guys you just want to hang out with and listen in on everything he is saying because you know you'll learn something, grow somehow and know Jesus better. I've started listening to the podcast from his church (Holy Trinity Costa Mesa), really good stuff! I ran across this video today where he and  former African Archbishop Henry Orombi are interview about post-Christian culture. They hit on a bunch of really great topics around this and share some really encouraging words, especially for youth pastors. LOVE IT! (I'll post some thoughts below the video but make sure you watch this, it's really good.)

Anglicanism in Post-Christian Culture from Christ Church Anglican on Vimeo.

Here are a few notes I made as I watched. (this is a sort of stream of consciousness - FYI)

Todd talks about the draw and the leverage the Anglican church might have in our culture today. “The instinctual draw to something anchored, historic, wasn’t invented yesterday…” — Anglicanism as an offering to this stirring in the life of people in our culture.

post-secular — a desire to care for the spiritual part of you but it’s

Thomas Cranmer — Cranmer as this intensely pastoral theologian and leader. This was his impulse ...

Todd, We need honest to goodness disciples of Jesus. That’s what we need.

Todd loosely quoting Lesley Newbigin, “the best explanation of the gospel will be a community of people who live as if they actually believe it.” — Real life disciples will be our very best apologetic in the generation to come. — Todd says he doesn’t know anything better than the prayer book (BCP) as the simplest, most profound resource to actually produce disciples. And this is a gift from the Anglican church.

The Anglican church as being able to embrace a charismatic / Holy Spirit filled life in since with a prayer book spirituality.

(a note from me)  This has been one of the more interesting revelations as I've walked down the Canterbury Trail as some call it, learning that this collar wearing, robe rocking, communion - sorry, Eucharist taking people are often very open and embracing of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. From the beginning, it’s just felt really healthy. I've seen priest speak in tongues and get slain in the Spirit. WHAT?!?! It's true! Not the norm, doesn't seem to happen often, it's forced or contrived but the tribe I hang with these days does leave room for it and I think that is cool even though I have never done either.

So there’s no pressure to be “entirely sanctified” or to speak in tongues but there is freedom to be filled and manifest the Spirit, however, God leads one to. I might say this is the real journey of sanctification.

Todd talks about simply making yourself available to the Spirit work in your life. (and check out Todd's message from Pentecost Sunday. VERY good!)

Archbishop Henry Orombi talking about ministry and young people — very encouraging! "If we can’t capture young people today we have lost them! We have a huge problem."

“I feel very strongly that every grownup should have the capacity to disciple someone that is younger. Maybe one person alone, just pour yourself in that young person.” #HECK YEA! #GOArchbishop #you'respeakingmylanguage #iloveit

“In my country these two areas are so important, the family and the young people. So important that the church has to do a lot in equipping them to be able to be a witness.”

Todd, “Trying to do youth group continually more cool has diminishing returns.”

Some things Todd has noticed that are working in youth ministry. — Join apologetics with some kind of social justice. — Call kids to radical discipleship.


So yea, those are a few of my favorite nuggets from this interview. What did you like?