Best Of // Music Mondays

Over the past 5 years or so i've done nearly 50 music monday posts. I spent some time yesterday looking over old posts and the nerd in me even came out and I made a little spread sheet so I could keep track of all the posts and artist i've featured. This might surprise those who know me best, i'm a zero organizer (that's an inside joke / info) but spreadsheets and to-do lists are how I survive in the organized world as a unorganized fellow. And i've read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People! Come on! Anyway, as I perused through old Music Monday Posts on this blog I thought I would share my Top 5 All Time Music Monday posts (also an ode to my all time, #1  favorite music movie of all time — LINK HERE, careful there is some bad language there.)

#1. William Fitzsimmons This was my first Music Monday of all time! WAY back in 2008! And I still love and listen to Willy Fitz!

#2.  Ben Rector #1and #2  I’ve done 2 different posts on Ben Rector so he has to be high on the list! He has some amazing songs and his suburb song is still an anthem close to my heart!

#3. Griffin House Griffin is still one of my favorite artist of all time, so of course he would be in my top 5! Check it out!

#4. John Foreman I think I’m gonna do a post on Switchfoot’s new album soon, it’s REALLY good! They have some classic tunes and then John Foreman, the lead singer put out a absolutely beautiful collection of his own music. 100% amazing collection, so here's a post about it!

#5. Josh Rouse Josh Rouse just takes me back to a time and a place (Nashville) that is really special to me! His music is great and I can’t get enough!

Here are a few other favorites (honorable mentions)

All Sons and Daughters Monsters Calling Home Bon Iver Paper Route