Gungor // Music Monday 34

It comes in spurts but it seems like I never go to awfully long without a Gungor spurt! I’m a bit fan! I think Gungor is one of the more creative and real bands that play music overtly about God and His work in the world. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy them but they are also just REALLY musically talented and amazing song writers with pretty good theology in my estimation. I also think it's cool that they dabble in like of different waters...

Michael Gungor wrote a book (Rob Bell gave me a copy and I’ve read bits, it’s pretty good.)

They are involved in cool side projects like THE LITURGISTS. Check it out…

They participated in this interesting conference on liturgy, art and the Church in an evangelical context. The Praxis Conference.

And in general it just seems like they are always up to something cool!

Now for my only nock on Gungor :: On each of their albums they have about 2 or 3 songs that absolutely slay me! The songs are amazing and I listen to them on repeat for months after purchasing the album. They usually have another few songs that are really really good but maybe not repeat worthy. Then half of the album I could do without. This is true for each of their 3 full length albums I have. The good stuff by far out weighs this but I'm waiting for an album from them that I can just push play to and sit back while they melt my face off.

With that said… I thought I would give you my best of Gungor play list. It’s probably most of the usual hits you would expect but I haven’t featured them on a Music Monday before so I thought I would give you my favs!

My Gungor Triple AAA Playlist…
(in no particular order)

Long Way Off I Am Mountain Beautiful Things
You Have Me
The Earth Is Yours Brother Moon This Is Not The End

The Honorable mentions.

We Will Run Cannot Keep You Please Be My Strength People Of God Let There Be Crags and Clay The Fall When Death Dies You Are The Beauty Wandering Let It Go

And here are a few video’s. The 1st is a CLASSIC!

And here is my current favorite song of theirs. It's on repeat! This is a cool live video shot at Relevant Studios. They have a few other videos on the Relevant Youtube page worth checkout as well!