Audrey Assad : You Speak // Music Monday 31

This Audrey Assad song has been on repeat. There are some great live versions (i''ll post a video below) but the above version is from her album and I really love the build and intensity. Seems right.

I think this song has been on repeat for a few reason.

As much as I believe what she sings in this song I don't order my life in a way that would prove it. So i'm feeling the need, in greater and greater ways, to lean into the liberation and transformation that comes from stillness and solitude. There is a particular sort of transformative connection with the crucified Jesus that one can only get when you hangout with him in still and centered solitude.

I have experienced this at times. I do experience this every once in awhile. I desire to experience this daily.

To have a rhythm to my life that is grounded in this kind of knowing is a very deep desire of mine.

Also... This past week was pretty rough. And it seems that in the midst of difficulty and death this is also what I need.

Speak Lord.


In general Audery Assad is a pretty great. You Speak is by far my favorite song of hers. But give her a listen, you'll find a handful of tunes that you really enjoy. I did. You can check her out on spotify or youtube and of course iTunes.