Matthew Perryman Jones — Live Music // Music Monday 30.0

On Thursday night I was able to go to a live show! Oh man, I miss going to shows and not only seeing and hearing great music but experiencing a musician sharing their life and art as they perform. Their is something about attending a great show or concert that is really compelling and engaging. I’m sure people have expounded on this, I won’t try here but I’ll just say that I love me some good live music. Thursday reminded me and made me miss my years in Nashville!

One of the reason it made me miss Nashville was because I went to A LOT of live music in Nashville! The other reason was because the musician was Matthew Perryman Jones, a great Nashville singer song writer. Matthew is a great microcosm of the Nashville singer songwriter scene. I’ve met him briefly through mutual friends and he seems like a great dude and his music is definitely great!

You can download a little taste of his music for free on Noisetrade but I would jump on iTunes and download a couple of his albums. My favorites are Throwing Punches in the Dark and Until Dawn Appears. His newest (which he did a lot of these tunes at the show) also seems really good and I plan on download it soon, Land of the Living.

Here are a couple video’s I watched / listened to today and really enjoyed. Your turn…

O Theo — inspired by a CS Lewis character who was talking about art and things in a CS Lewis book. Matthew told the story of this song at the show but I can't fully remember it. The song it great and the story behind it was really cool, I wish could remember it all. Just enjoy the song.

Save You — One of his best and well know songs. It's really good!

A couple others to check out... Only You Amelia Can't Get It Right

Lots of good ones. Just browse around on youtube and then buy some of his stuff!

Peace Erik