Experiential Lenten Calendars (for kids & adults)

This is Experiential Lenten Calendar is a resource i've had floating around my computer for a few years. A very cool idea that Mars Hill Bible Church put together for their community. I thought of it because our Children's ministry at Christ Church does something very similar for the kids. I thought I would share both and let you use them with your family or community. Lenten Experience Calendar (Note this calendar is from 2010 so the dates are a a little off but you get the picture and can just use the days of week to orient you. ENJOY)

Kids Experiential Lenten Calendar  (This calendar is kids specific and meant to help littler ones engage in the season of Lent. It also has an emphasis on the alms giving aspect of Lent which our church focuses on. Use it or adapt it as you wish. It's a great resource for children.