Connectors, stories & Malcolm Gladwell


I’ve been taking in some Malcolm Gladwell these days. I am really enjoying his work! I’ve heard a lot about him but hadn’t actually read any of his stuff myself. So on a friends recommendation I picked up his book David and Goliath. LOVED IT! His mix of story telling, research and data, along side all the connections and points he makes is really great. It’s easy to read, you feel kind of encouraged or inspired once you read it and you feel a bit smarter. David and Goliath was all about the idea that sometimes the weaknesses we have can actually be our strengths. I could write quite a bit about the connections he makes and the stories he tells. I think he might have stretched the David and Goliath story a bit but in the end I was ok with it because the points he was making were right on. And for a pastor and hack theologian, they were right on! The weak is the new strong! This is the message of Christ and it’s really the point he was trying to make. I highly recommend the book.


I’m now taking in The Tipping Point. I’m only a few chapters in and once again I’m enjoying his stories and the connection he is making to all these fascinating people and the way they stir culture. It’s really fascinating and I think there are some really good points for church leaders and church planters to think about. I’m taking notes!

One thing i realize is that i’m a connector! I might not be a high powered connector like he talks about in the book but I really do find joy in connecting with people, any and all kinds of people. I’ve often been to a party or hosted a party and found that there were 2 or 3 different worlds colliding and stepped back and smiled. I love it! All the traveling i’ve done and places i’ve lived and people i’ve connected with are some of my most favorite parts of life. For a long time i tried to record birthdays so I could send an email or some kind of social media message to all these people I have connected with. I’m also not a very disciplined person and often failed at this but I tried. I do think that the peak of social media makes connecting much easier and more people would probably claim this title now than ever before. But some of us are just wired this way. I’m wondering how one might hone the power of their connector and do good. Maybe Gladwell will have something to say about this. I’ll keep reading!

Peace Erik