2013 Year in Review...

I love thinking back on the past year before I dig in and start planning the next year. Often what i've read, listened to and watched reflect how i've lived — struggled, strived and waundered over the past year. So i'm gonna share what i've been into over the past year but you should to. Leave a comment or write and blog and reflect on your 2013. (Share your link or list in the comments.)

Listened to...

#1. Olafur Arnalds — For Now I Am Winter

#2. The Brilliance — Essentially all their stuff. They've got something for every season!

#3. The Lighthouse and the Whaler — This Is An Adventure

#4. Citizens — Self Titled Album & Already / Not Yet

#5. Gungor — I Am Mountain

Honorable Mentions :: Hillsong United, Capital Cities, Urban Rescue, Imagine Dragons, Givers, Youth Lagoon, Gregory Alan Isakov, Future Of Forestry, Leagues, Jonathan David Helser & Melissa Helser, Bellarive, Josh Wilson.

Watched On TV...

#1. Breaking Bad

#2. Parks & Rec (Yes, i was slow on the draw with this but now i love it!)

#3. Parenthood

#4. Nashville

#5. Revolution

Honorable Mentions :: The Walking Dead, White Collar, Supernatural, Grimm, Dracula (maybe a few more but i'm embarrassed by how much TV i watch ;-) Watched on the Big Screen...

#1. The Way Way Back

#2. Gravity

#3. The Hobbit

#4. The Spectacular Now

#5. World War Z

Honorable Mentions :: Rush, Blackfish, Hunger Games, Elysium, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Star Strek, OZ The Great And Powerful, After Earth (and a ton i want to see.) I feel like there are more but i can't think of them...

Books to come...