Advent Blogging...

Pretty much all my blogging this month is happening over over — so check that out! I'll start back up here at erikwillitsblog next week (after Christmas), i've got a lot of catching up do to!

Here is some Advent imagery i shared today, it's good stuff!

Do you have any favorite Advent images? Share a link below!

All these images are from CreationSwap, which is a great website with lots of quality free content as well as stuff you can buy. Enjoy!
















I liked this image and it's feel. Not sure it's Advent but we can use it that way. A great light is about to enter our great darkness! ADVENT!

Link for Download

This is one slide in a series of Advent slide. I wish i would have run across this earlier, very simple and cool.

Link for download

Some classic candles. Light a real one symbolizing the presence or Christ and spend some time in prayer.

Link for download

I love these light bulbs. Could stir tons of imagery in your mind and hear but let it lead you to think about a light coming into the world, being turn one! Link for download

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