Hey friends! Advent is almost here...

Maybe you’ve seen one of the Facebook posts about my new Advent book that has recently hit the streets. Well i’m really excited about this project and would love it if you'd join me and those who are participating in the reading and praying through of this book during the Advent season. My aim for the book was really to create a resource for the family. So it’s not only geared at students or only at parents but was really crafted with the whole family in mind. There may be a few of the days that are a bit challenging for a middle school students, there may be a few days that seem a bit juvenile for your average mom or dad but as we read this book as a family and as communities of faith my prayer is that it will coalesce into a beautiful journey of creating space for waiting and wondering for the coming King.

I also hope we might be able to converse throughout the season. I will blogging about my journey with the students of Christ Church. There is also a web guide that accompanies the book; www.AdventWebGuide.com. If you picked up the Lent devotional last year and had a change to look at that web guide, you know the deal.

The book is on sale for $9.99 for individuals copies and $6.49 if you buy 20 or more for you youth group or church community.

The best place to order your copies is here: http://erikwillits.storenvy.com/products/2825673-advent-book (contact me directly if you want the group discount)

You can also get it on Amazon and on The Youth Cartel Website.

If you’re interested in downloading a sample you can do that here: http://theyouthcartel.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2013/09/9780988741393-SAMPLE.pdf?a621e8

And Mark Oestreicher post a little blip about it on his blog, you can read that here: http://whyismarko.com/2013/advent-a-journey-of-waiting-watching-and-preparing-for-the-light/

Thanks friends! I appreciate your support and am excited to go on this Advent journey with you!

And Advent is only 17 days out! Starting Monday i will be starting a little Facebook countdown to Advent. But as of now i've just been posting these little pictures periodically.

Grace and peace Erik

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