Blogging from the summit - 1.0

Day 1 of The Summit was great. But before i tell you about it let me tell you what The Summit is. The Summit is conference in the vein of the TEDX conference. Lots of interesting, provocative, imaginative presenters. They are not necessarily trying to train the attendee but rather inspire and stir imagination. All the talks are 12 - 15 minutes longs and the presenters are from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, all sharing something unique and ingenious.

There are also longer session to interact with presenters and ask question. Giving them time to further explain and answer to the content they have already presented. It’s good stuff!

On the first day of the conference there were “pre-summit” seminars. I attended a seminary by youth ministry expert Mark DeVries. Our student ministry team at Christ Church is going through this book Sustainable Youth Ministry and processing all the great info and wisdom in the book so it was great to sit with Mark and hear his heart and motive behind the content of the book. Much of what he said was straight from the book. And as much as i’m am not naturally bent to embrace the systems and structure of youth ministry i understand their value. I push back a lot while reading the book because their are others on our team who are so all in when it come to systems. But in talking with Mark my heart was warmed and my openness was expanded. I was able to talk with Mark a bit and explained some of my context and he is awesome! He made the statement that we often try and let the tail wag the dog when it comes to structures and systems. I would expand that and say we need to realize the tail is connected to the spine and is essential for the animal to live a fully functioning healthy life but there is much more to the abundant life of the animal. Or something like that.

Marks heart and perspective on ministry are compelling and makes even me, an anarchist at heart soften and open to the things he talks about. 

The seminar was great and encourage me to embrace and practice a little more of the wisdom he shares in his book in my context.

The evening started off the actual conference. I’ll save that for 2.0