Reading the Bible...

How much do you read the Bible? Not how much to tell people you read it, or how much you lead people to believe you read it but how much do you actually read the Bible? This month we are doing a series with our middle schooler on the Bible. 5 weeks, 5 perspectives, all challenging students to read and engage with the Bible and hopefully equipping them with some wisdom and resources to do it.

I took a survey the first week of the series, i spread them out so they would not be easily influenced by peers, they were to anonymously put how many time a week they read the Bible on one side of the card and on the other estimate how many minutes a week they read the Bible. Of the almost 50 students (7th and 8th graders) there that morning 17 of read the Bible 0 (zero) times a week. The rest of the students read the Bible 2 - 3 times a week and average just under 3 minutes a week. Yes, 3 minutes a week.

To be honest... i’m not far off. Asking my students this questions made me sit back and evaluate where i’m at with my scriptural engagement. I also probably only read my Bible 2 - 3 times a week. If i have a big message coming up or am speaking at a retreat or something it’s probably much more than that but on average that’s about where i’m at. I probably average somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour of reading a week.

Just sitting back and evaluating my Bible reading made me realize i’m not where i want to be. Now i want to qualify it to myself, right! I read lots of books on the Bible. I listening to books and sermons and talks about the Bible. And does reading the story book Bible to my son count? ;-) probably not.

Just evaluating this really encourage me to read more. I read just about every day this week. And like i told me students, i think read more encouraged me and stirred life in my dry bones. I hope they experience the same.

Sometimes we just need to sit back and evaluate where we are so that we can realize we are where we want to me.

I tried to make sure my students didn’t feel guilty, that’s not my goal. But i also am trying to convey the importance of deep, significant engagement with the scripture. Not reading it like a text book or something you need to check off your to do list but really engaging and being open to a God who wants to speak His creative Words freshly into your life through these pages. I'm hoping they will evaluate where they are at and  be challenged to take a step forward. We’ll see how it goes!

Today our guest speaker was Aaron Williams, the curate for adult discipleship at my church. He works a lot with young adults and is in seminary as well. He a sharp dude and i was really excited to have him share with my students. He shared a great message about engaging the scripture as narrative, an epic story! Good stuff!

We’re on a great journey! Here’s to going a couple clicks further!

Grace and peace