Reading & Multi-Faith Dialog...

I’m reading / listening to a lot of books lately. I always have about 5 books in the works but these days i’m actually getting through some of them. Part of that is thanks to Audible. I’ve never really been into the listening of books. It’s not the same as reading, much harder to retain and really engage the text, at least for me. But recently i’ve really gotten into it. And i’m working through some books that i’ve wanted to read but probably never would have. I wrote about the Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography. SUPER good and i wold have never of read that book, way to long!!! but listening to it, all 30 + hours, was great!

I just finished listening to Brian McLaren’s book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World. It was extremely thought provoking and challenging.

I think it’s one of those books that a lot of evangelical Christians will just write off because they know they won’t agree with where McLaren wants to go. But as true as that might be it’s a book that lots of people should read. I posted on Instagram that McLaren said a lot of things i didn’t agree with but probably needed to hear.

I want to think and talk more about this idea of interfaith dialog. It’s really fascinating to me. The idea that maybe we can interact with people of other faiths without some agenda to “save them” or something. It gets tricky but in the world we live in it’s an important conversation we need to be having.

I just starting listening to a series of talks by Fr. Richard Rohr. He’s a Franciscan monk who founded the Center for Action and Contemplation. His thoughts and his books are amazing! I’ll probably write a bit more about his series The Art of Letting Go (which is what i’m listening to right now) a bit later. But he also hits on this idea of interfaith dialog and respect.

He tells a story of Saint Francis telling the monks in his order that if they were to see a Quran on the ground that they should pick it up, kiss it and place it on the Alter. He said this because it’s a holy book that represents people seeking after God.

Things that make you go hmmm....

Anyway. It ‘s a topic that is on my mind these days and it seems that i am running into the conversation around every corner.

More thoughts to come. 
For now, i’ll just keep reading.

Peace erik