David Vandervelde // Music Monday 28.0

I thought about trying to come up with some more good tunes to share and i could but honestly i’m listening to Olafur Arnalds on repeat. So good! Have you listened yet? So instead of new tunes i thought i would post this little video that i came across a few weeks ago. I had a note to blog about it... so here goes.

THE STORY I was sitting in a little coffee shop in town and a song came on the radio as i walked in. It was a track from one of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos, i noticed and asked the barista what radio station or CD she was playing. She went into the back room and gave me the name of the artist, David Vandervelde. This is the fellow who is playing the piano on the Rhythm video that Rob did. Great little ambient tune, i immediately recognized it and began to do a little google action on the fellow singing.

I found some decent music, i found the track from the Nooma - Rhythm video ( Moonlight is the name of the track ) and i found this little video he recorded at SXSW. It was interesting to me and a great conversation piece or Christians i thought.

“We’re kinda seriously writing for Christian songs now. You can make a butt ton, a *&$% TON of money.” “We’re not about making money off Christian music we’re about praising the Lord.” (WARNING :: A high level of sarcasm is used, if you're allergic don't watch. There is also a few four letter words. You've been warned.)

So i’ll follow that quote by saying i really do think there is a place in the church cynicism. We (Christians) have deserved some skeptical eyes being shined on us, especially in the music industry. I thought this little video was funny. The song could TOTALLY be a CCM hit! And the questions of this guys spiritual leaning is intriguing to me, after all he was in a spiritually charged short film!

Any thoughts?

I'll be honest. I kind of like it. I think there needs to be more cynicism given (in healthy, small doses). Christians need to hear what people are saying and joking about and take it seriously. We need to own up to the fake persona many of us professional Christian have dished out over the years. And we need to start paving paths of honesty and generosity instead of simply reacting and being pissed about a video and cynicism like this.

Those are my thoughts.

Oh and also thought... man, i need to write a Christian song! I could use a butt ton of money!!!   ;-)