The Computer Apocalypse...

Well i’ve been on track to keep my commitment of blogging once a week. But then the computer apocalypse happen! That’s right, the computer apocalypse.

There are no zombies in this story. Arnold Schwarzenegger, skynet and killer robots are also not involved. But it’s pretty apocalyptic in my world anyway.

About 8 months ago my hard drive crashed. I spent $700 to save a very minimal amount of data off my crashed computer, probably recovered about 30% of my data. The end was near. Apple replaced my hard drive for free because i was covered by AppleCare. With my computer running well and a mix of data recovered by the extorters at TaylorMark and an old backup i had on an external hard drive we were up and running and falsely confident.

Fast forward 7 months and 28 days. My 3 year AppleCare expires. No worries, we’re running strong, my computer is backed up, i have a new hard drive! All is right with the world. (cue ominous music).

It’s approximately 10 days later. I’m in the trows of finish a book, it’s the day of my deadline. I’m about 2 hours from completion, i’ll be sending the manuscript to my publisher shortly but i’ve been working late nights and early morning, trying not to do any book writing on my church job time. So yea, i’m tired and in need of cafine, Starbucks here i come. I set up at St. Ar Bucks and begin to work when the pinwheel of death begins to show it’s ugly colors! (if ominous music still plays switch track to something like the deathstar music from Star Wars... “dun dun da dun, dun da dun dun”). At this point i turn of my computer, i mean it probably just needs a little refresher. I might lose a few edits from my last save but nothing big.

I give it a minute, take a drink of my Americano and hit the power button. Gray screen. Twirling powering up icon. Then a gray bar, it looks like i’m downloading something but i'm not, that’s odd, that doesn’t normally happen. BLACK. (the sound track should be something dissonant and chaotic, some kinda of apocalyptic trance music.)

The apocalypse has officially begun.

You know that book i had mentioned. Yea, it was saved. ON MY COMPUTER. Now, it's gone!

I sit back in my seat at Starbucks. This seems so surreal that all i can do is giggle. This doesn't really happen to people does it? The day your deadline and dead is your computer. It's so ludicrous that it's kinda funny, in a "i want to cry" kinda way. But yea, everything is gone.

Luckily my wife and i had been emailing early drafts back and forth so i have the raw early edits via email but lots and lots of work was gone. It felt like someone had strapped a 50 pound bag to my back and asked me to climb a mountain. 

I’m sure my publisher thought i was telling him a “my dog ate my homework” kind of story. I was absolutely miserable. And the Apple store couldn’t fit me in for 3 days. The store closer to my house for 5 days. When i finally did go to my appointment, i was late and they couldn’t get me in because they were packed. I had to just drop off my computer and let them look it over.

So my my hard drive had crashed again. Fortunately the Apple store was able to recover some data before they replaced my hard drive. I recovered all the work i had done on my book. But those five days of recreating what i had done because i thought it was all gone were absolute hell. $160 bucks later hard drive #3 was in my MacBook Pro and we are rolling.

But that’s not all. Fast forward 3 or 4 weeks.

Working on my computer, it’s late at night. My son has a little toy on the table, it’s a plastic blue ice cream cone. I’m reading some blogs, doing a little of this a little of that and i pick up said blue ice cream cone. The top pops off and bubble solution spills on my computer. Not a lot. I didn’t freak out at all. A little on my track pad, a little on my keyboard. I gingerly get up, grab a paper towel and dab up the bubbles. About 15 minutes later my trackpad starts responding weird. Buttons aren't clicking, things are freaking out. I immediately back up my computer. I’ve learned. I turn off my computer after a succesful backup. I let it sit for a few. Then attempt to turn it back on. It’s still acting super weird, buttons aren't working, my cursor is jumping around the screen, etc. I turn it off and go to bed. In the morning, BLACK! My computer won’t turn on AT ALL! (You know that apocalyptic trance music? Yea, turn it up until your ears are bleeding.)

I take my computer to the apple store. They have to send it away. $400 dollars later i am up and running again. New logic board, new keyboard, new font panel or something but i’m working. And i’m blogging. And i’m hoping the computer apocalypse is over. I’m a Christian, i just want some resurrection life!

Sorry for the long blog. It’s all true. Not an ounce of exaggeration unfortunately. I guess i needed to vent. But hopefully i’m back on. Blogging at least once a week. I got a list of stuff to catch up on so who know, maybe eve a little more.

Grace and peace Erik