Some New Art / A Tattoo

I’ve been slow on draw sharing this. There’s been a few reasons but i guess it's time! I got a new tattoo!

I’ve been sitting on this idea for probably 2 years, waiting for the right time and the right artist to do it. Making sure i really wanted it, like wanted it for life! I have commitment issues ;-) but after much thought, maybe even a little prayer and lots of dialing in the idea i decided to go for it!

So here it is...

At least the start of it! This is really just the outline plus a little. Probably a little over 4 hours left to go. And then some to finish up the quarter sleeve i'm hoping this becomes!

So far, so good! I love it! It’s a pretty expensive process so its going extremely slow, lots of little chucks. This first big chunk happened cause i spoke at a camp this summer, made some extra cash and after negotiating with my wife she approved! We were also in Chicago for a wedding and some vacation time which worked perfectly because my tattoo artist is in Chicago.

So i reconnected with an old college acquaintance, i would say friend but we were never tight but friends. He was always a mischievous soul but kind and as cool as they get. He only went to my small Christian college for a couple years before he left for a more suitable environment! His name is David Allen and he's an amazing tattoo artist. We reconnected via instagram, twitter and facebook and when i was finally ready for the new tat he agreed to do it! He works at Pioneer Tattoo Studio, a pretty amazing place with some phenomenal tattoo artist.

Let me tell you some more about that art. (I'll post some images below.)

The primary image on my shoulder is an icon of the transfiguration. A story and an image that has really captivated my imagination. There are so many layers to it that i know it wold be something i would love for a lifetime. More explanation will have to come at a later time, LOTS to say there. Then the stained glass window on my chest if from the south transept of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. It’s a widow that depicts that new testament. So it connected with my other tattoo. It tells a beautiful story and moves from structure to mystery in a symphonic way as it connects to the transfiguration and rest of the art i plan on putting on my arm.

That’s the short story.

My spiritual director and i sat down and prayed through the these images. Asking God to reveal the reason and significance of me being drawn to these specific images. It was a great exercise in discernment and trust, trust in the Spirit of God that dwells within and is apart of all we do and think we, at least when we're open.

So there ya go! Hope you like it. I do!!!