Good Tunes // Music Monday 25.0

Well i'm at a quarter century of Music Monday posts. VERY NICE! So this week it's not 1 artist... But many!

I've listened to "The Drop" on Relevant website before and have loved some of the live radio stuff they have done. And let's face it, the Relevant crew it uber hip and always introducing good new tunes. It's like their job (or at least part of it). So this re-release of their site called The Drop should be a pretty cool source of some good tunes.

The live studio recordings of All Son's and Daughters was the first time i ever listened to The Drop, it was a while back and it was awesome! I love All Son's and Daughters anyway but this live studio feel is amazing!

I've also enjoyed Audrey Assad. Some good, low-key, thoughtful worship tunes. A friend in Nashville turned me on to her and she has some music on The Drop. Worth a listen for sure!

I first heard Propaganda at a big youth conference, five thousand or so youth workers and Propaganda does his amazing spoken word / hip-hop gig and you can't help but to be glued to his every word. From everything i hear he is legit. I mean check this video out and tell me you don't like it (even if you're not a rap fan).

They have tunes by The Welcome WagonThe Lighthouse and the Whaler (who i feature on this blog a couple weeks ago) and Sujan Steven. I mean seriously, some great tunes!

The scope isn't as big at Spotify or Noisetrade or something like that but it's much more focused, it's free, and definately worth a book mark on your web brewers.