The tunes for today come from a band i recently ran across named GOLDEN YOUTH! Notw i'm trying to blog more these days, at least once a week to be precise but have failed these past 2 weeks. I was at camp this past week, which i will write about at some point. I also was on dead line from my publisher the week before that and had some CRAZY action go down there. But i'm back.

And it's Monday, so i thought i would share some music!

Golden Youth are very much in line with the kind of tunes i've been listening to lately. I don't like them quite as much at Light House and the Whaler but there in that vein and i think you might enjoy them. They have great energy, good tunes, and some thoughtful lyrics.

You can get a few free cover song they have done on their website  and then head over to Amazon or iTunes to grab their album.

Here is a video of theirs that i really like. They have a few, Youtube them...

And here is the Album artwork for their album... i like it.