Some more Rob Bell...

If you're patient it won't take long before Rob shows up on the controversial Christian map... again. Well here he is again. His newest book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God (which i've haven't read yet but i've heard him talk about and seems great) has kinda been overshadowed by his recent pro gay confession. I could go into that but i won't. It's a way more complicated and textured conversation that most people are willing to have. I'm not sure i'm where Rob is but i sure do understand the desire to show ALL people the love and hospitality of our good God.  I'll post a little video below of Rob having a conversation about this. Some really good questions... BUT the reason i wanted to post this blog is because i wanted to post this link to a interview with Rob on the podcast You Made It Weird with comedian Peter Holmes. This is why i love Rob. He's honest, refreshing, he circles around authentic faith and tries to burn down the pretentious bull &*!% of much of the Christian culture and faith. This pod cast has a lot of language not suitable for young folks, which wouldn't normally be on my radar but for a recent conversation. I get that, so be warned. But if you're looking for a really authentic, honest and hilarious conversation on faith you should check this out.


Here is the video of Rob debating and talking about his views on homosexuality. I think some really good questions are asked in this interview. I don't think many answers are given but i like questions better anyway! Enjoy the conversations and be open to the God who comes and is probably more generous than any of us.

Grace and peace