Camp, Church & Small Town American...

I almost just didn't blog this week because things have been CRAZY! Regular student ministry moves on which is already busy in the summer time. It was also VBS week (which just about doubles our work), I had to prepare for a camp which started Friday and goes through Tuesday, the deadline for a book project i'm working on is at the end of this month - gulp - and about a dozen other things. Life is to busy! With that said things are going great this weekend at camp and i sense God moving in some cool way here and also at home. I was going to post some pictures of camp, even a fancy new Instagram video but i'm at McDonalds and don't have the best internet ever. If you care you can find it on my instagram feed.

The camp i'm at this week is very cool! It's the mid-high camp  (there words for middle school) for Church of the Woodlands. A UMC church in the Houston suburbs. I've had a some good friends work and even grow up in this church. It's the place where Chris Tomlin kinda got his start (i heard a bunch of really funny Tomlin stories last night). My friend Brandon Heath worked at this church a few years back. He left Nashville and the small group we were in together because of the opportunity. So it's been cool to connect with this church and their student ministry. To see how they do things... super high quality, organized, invested in and intentional on so many levels. Very cool! There about 350 mid-high (6-8 grade) students at the camp and it's great to see them with their Bibles and journals ready to dig it! And dig in were are!

My time with these students inspires me to challenge and encourage my students at Christ Church Plano more. Knowing they are capable of so much and trusting that God wants to lead us into passion and purpose is exciting.

It's also really cool to share some of things that God has done in our ministry with other ministries. Usually i come to a camp that has a theme and i craft a handful of messages for that camp according to their theme and scriptures. But at this camp they told me  "bring your best 4 messages." So it's been really cool to bring 4 messages that have really made an impact on our students and to see how these students at camp interact with them and to see how God uses the messages in a different context.

ALSO... i was able to go to Christ Church Austin this morning. A church i've heard about form friends in nashville and also we have some graduated students who attend. It was a great service. Reminded me A LOT of our church in Nashville. Lots of energy and creativity. A really chill, acoustic-ey vibe but with robes and some collars. Yea, i loved it! It's always cool to get the opportunity to worship with other Anglican congregations. There are familiar parts and unique parts and then there is the Eucharist! It's great!


I've got about an hour before i need to head back to camp. I'm gonna try and get some work done. And when you're in small town American with no coffee shop for miles... you work at McDonalds. Civilzation, i can't wait to get back to you! And by civilzation, i mean Starbucks!