The Lighthouse and the Whaler // Music Monday 23.0

I haven't been very consistent with my Music Monday posts and i make no promises but here's Music Monday 23.0 anyway. The Band is The Lighthouse and the Whaler and man i am really digging their tunes. I know they aren't new, you've probably been listening to them much longer than i have but right now... they are on repeat!

Here is my favorite of their tunes... so good!

And another thing i LOVE about this band is their album artwork. For me it catches my eyes and makes me want to participate in whatever it is that they are doing! LOVE IT!

Check these guys out for sure! If we have similar tastes in music you will really enjoy them, if you haven't already been listening to them for years! For me, they are new on the playlist but i'm lovin it!

And since i haven't done Music Monday's in awhile i looked back over some of the bands that i've feature in the past. Good tunes! I think i need to listen to music more! So much good stuff out there. So check out some of these bands and if you want a quick laugh read about my music dreams! I read this post (which i had forgotten all about) and had a pretty good laugh myself!  But enjoy good music! It's good for your heart and your imagination... 2 things we don't value enough these days.

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