What sort of things do you do to get inspired? Read, watch youtube videos, write until something good comes out, surf the interwebs, just look around maybe, think about a past event that inspired you? What do you do?Do you seek to be inspired every day? To dig and till until the inspiration is found? Or are there days that are just utterly uninspiring? Is that ok?

I’ve been pondering the idea of inspiration over the last few days. Wondering if it’s realistic to seek everyday inspiration. Contemplating the idea of digging in and finding a moment everyday that inspired me. Maybe that moment will be self evident and scream at me or maybe it will be hidden in the business of a day or the difficulty of situation. However it works I think maybe, everyday there is something that might inspire. If there is, i want to find it! I don’t want to let it pass me by, unattended and even neglected like the tasty milk at the bottom of a great bowl of cereal (people dump that out... it’s the best part people ;-)

So i would love to know what inspires you. And over the next few months i’ll share some of the things that inspire me!

Peace Erik