A New Monasticism...

I finally finished the book A New Monasticism by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. Like many books i read it was a pretty start and stop process so it took me forever but it was worth it, a good read for sure. The book is in line with a lot of Shane Claiborn type conversation. It's a little less on the "radical" side whatever that means. But it makes some great points and even admits that this kind of new monasticism isn't for everybody. But i'm pretty convinced there is ALOT in this book, in this new monastic movement and in monasticism in general that Christian can learn from, especially evangelical Christians.

So buy a copy, ready it, figure out how it can inspire and influence your community!

In the very end of the book Hartgrove shares a story of a friend of his. It REALLY resonated with me. I almost titled this post  — Conservative / Liberal and something else completely... which is what this quote is all about. Maybe you will resonate as well.

(i didn't feel like typing it all out, so picture form it is! ENJOY!)