A Few Lenten Thoughts...

How is your Lent going? It's kind of a hard question, right? I mean i want to say good but that doesn't sound very Lent-ish. So i want to say dry, hard, horrible... but that's pretty depressing and i don't want to make people cry when i talk with them. But really, my Lent really is going well. My primary disciplines are hard and yes, i've failed a few time but for the most part i'm sticking to it and feel as though God is drawing me down this Lenten path that will through the power of the Spirit lead to death and ultimately to resurrection. I'll probably share more about my specific disciplines later but it as been good and hard.

I've also started reading a book this past week that is dovetailing well with my Lenten journey. Todd Hunter is a bishop in the Anglican Church but doesn't feel much like a bishop (i say that as a good thing). I've had lunch with Todd before and have had a couple other brief conversations with him and every time have felt connected and encouraged. I don't always have tons of hope in the Anglican church to be honest but it's guys like Todd that make me think maybe there is room for a vangbond like myself under this tent. His book Our Favorite Sins; The Sins We Commit & How You Can Quite  has been pretty good so far and very Lenten in it's direction. A large part of the books premise is about reordering our desires because temptation always starts from the desires that we already have. And this week in my Lent book the theme is DESIRE. And when i think about my success and failure in my Lenten disciplines a lot of  the conversation in my head and heart is about the desires that to often control me instead of me controlling them.

So yea, it's all dovetailing well. And Todd will be speaking at Christ Church (the church i work at tomorrow — pretty excited about that).

We are about half way through our Lenten journey.

May you be aware of the Spirit that is with  you even in the desert and finish the journey strong.

Grace and peace Erik