My first book...

Well it's official, my first book has arrived and is on sale!

The book is a devotional through the season of LENT. If you have followed my blog in the past you've seen me blog about LENT quite a bit. And if you were around last year you know that i self published a devotional book on Lent. It was great! I led my student through the season with the book and a few other friends did the same. Well somebody noticed and decided to publish this deal... and here we are.

I have a few video's about the book i'll post tomorrow but for now i hope you order a copy! You'll get it for the 1st week of Lent and can make the journey with us!

Here are the 2 places you can pick up your copy... My online Store The Youth Cartel store (if you're thinking of ordering a big quantity for you student or church, this is the better route to go)

If you make your orders NOW you should get your books for the 1st week of LENT!

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