LENT :: a few video's

I made a few little video to go along side the book we just released, Lent. The first video is a general intro to the season of Lent. I really highlight in the video the connection Lent has with the narrative of scripture and how the season really draws you into the scripture narrative if you will let it.

The second video is "The Breakdown". I just wanted to share a little how my community and a few of my friends used this content last year. The book really lends itself to communal engagement. Hopefully to family, youth groups, church, etc using it together to journey through the season of Lent.

This final video is just a few of my friends and students sharing their experience with the content of this Lent book, how it impacted them and the things they liked the most about it.

I hope you pick up a copy of the book and use it to help your community journey through the season of Lent.

Pick-up your copy HERE and if you need to buy in bulk go here and get your copies for everybody in your community!

Grace and peace erik