A New Year...

Well it's a new year and i make NO blogging promises!For now i'll just share a few things...

#1. I updated my bio pic on this website. Showing off my family is awesome! They make me look good for sure! Little Reese is so cute it's hard not to be captivated by her. Jack is a little GAP model. We actually considered looking into that kind of thing but it's seems weird and who has the time to go to casting calls and crap like that. Then there is Andrea... i did well! As for me... as usual i probably bring down the average. I'm used to that.

#2. Blogging... like i said, i make no promises but i will be blogging a little more at least. I was invited to participate in a blogging community called Emerging Evangelists. Despite the name it's actually a cool community of young guys and gals who are passionate about the gospel and proclaiming it whenever they get a change. I think it will be a great opportunity and they are some great folks to be connected with.

#3. My book is getting published this month (you can pre-order a copy RIGHT NOW). This is kinda lighting a bit of a fire in my belly to write. I feel like i have some momentum and want to take advantage of that. I have 2 project that are stirring in my mind and heart right now. We'll see how that all comes together.

#4. Church ministry, which is my priority right now is going well. REALL busy as we get ready for our DNow event in February. It really is challenging to remain creative and inspired. There are times when it really feels like a grind but more often it's really rewarding to be connecting and equipping folks to do the work of Christ among students. I want to figure out healthy rhythms of work and rest, productivity and sustainability. I think these things are real challenges for those of us in local church ministry. I'd like to explore those things with other youth workers for sure.

I guess that's a few things. More to come... at some point.

Grace and peace


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