Inviting Students Along — #ADVENT

I’m sitting in Starbucks for an hour or so this Saturday, the first Saturday of Advent. The biggest question i have as i sit here is... how do i get my students to not just understand this Advent action but how do i get them to participate in an Advent Conspiracy rather than a Christmas Consumer Rave? On Wednesday we did our Angel Tree shopping. We spent about $1700 on folks in need in our neighboring communities. Students all gave $20, we loaded up cars and vans, raided Wal-mart for about 45 minutes and then came back and wrapped gifts for folks in need. I love it, i really do. But i wonder how significant the event really was for our students. Did they get it? Yea, i gave a little 3 minutes spiel about the tags and the gifts being for folks in need, about sharing God’s love, but i’m just not sure we really get it.

Tomorrow we are breaking down the idea of an Advent Conspiracy as outlined in the book. Good book, great concept, love the heart and message of it all but i’m wondering if my affluent and wanting for nothings students will really be able to get ahold of the concept. 

Will anybody really be tempted to give less, ask for less, spend less, worship more fully, engage in the anticipation of a child being born and a revolution being started? Anybody?

Essentially i’ve been asking this questions for year i guess. When i was traveling and speaking i also thought, “How do i get these students to really hear what i’m saying and step up to the challenge of the message?” Now that i’m a student minister i ask the same question and it’s really on my heart more than ever... “How do i get students to really engage in the message of Jesus and the revolution he invites us all to?”

Maybe we are all asking that. Any answers? I would love to hear.

My guess... like the answer to every questions, it’s Jesus. Right? Maybe my middle school guys who love that little joke are onto something!

Grace, peace and Advent Erik

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