Advent Conspiracy 2.0 — #ADVENT

Here are those quotes i promised. And a couple images. Video to be posted later.

"Most of us miss it every year at Christmas. Our story is consumption and consumerism, and we're obsessed with the climax. We worship less. We spend more. We give less. We struggle more. Less, more. More, less. Time and nerves stretch this, and we reduce family and friends to a card or a present that costs the "right" amount to prove our level of love. Our quest to celebrate mystery exhausts us. Another Christmas passes by like a blizzard, and we are left to shovel through the trash of our failure."

"When we refuse to equate money with love, we become free. Free to leave the shallow story of cultural Christmas and enter the deep, life-giving waters of the incarnation. Free to give without comparison, revive with gratitude, and worship with abandon."

"We refuse to be defined by our culture. Instead, emboldened by the Spirit, we are re-creating culture in the name of the good, the true, and the beautiful Jesus Christ."

"It's not enough to say no to the way Christmas celebrated by many; we need to say yes to a different way of celebrating."

Probably more to come!



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