Monsters Calling Home // Music Monday 22.0

A buddy of mine... actually a student who graduated from the student ministry of my church and is now down in Austin going to school (which makes me jealous every time i think about it)... anyway, he posted this video on my facebook today :: The band is —  Monsters Calling Home — check it...

So I LOVED this song and the video. And i have been googling and listening and telling my friends about these guys and gals for rest of the day. I thought good way to give them the proper love they deserve was to drop a Music Monday post here on my blog. After all it is Monday!

The band a ton of rad video's but this next one got them a little recognition apparently. They made it on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show because the right person saw the video and like it. I like it to. So will you! Here's the article... and even better, here's the video....

And here is the video of their Jimmy Kimmel experience. SO RAD!

So yea, give these guys some love. Go buy their tunes, watch their videos, and tell your friends. That's what i'm doing.

Grace and Peace Erik