Good intentions...

So i am full of good intentions. 
Blogging... i fully intend to blog and then get busy with more important things and 6 months go by like a blink and i realize i haven’t blogged since that last post when i said i was going to blog more. CRAP! More recently, as i mentioned in my previous post i attended a spiritual retreat with my family and Ion Morgan Cron was the retreat guide. He spoke about and lead us in times of silence, reflection and solitude. I have FULLY intended to water the garden of my soul with these practices since i came home from the retreat. But intentions are not actions and i have fallen short in the action part. I even found an app that’s a meditation timer with all kinds of cool bells and whistles. Literally church bell that start and end your meditation time. I’m telling you, i’ve got some great intention.

Spiritual Director!

However, i realize how much i need this sort of intention and action in my life that i’ve decided to take the next step and find someone to help me slowdown, reflect on somethings and keep me accountable to put actions to my intention. So i found a spiritual director here in Dallas and met with him for the first time the other day. It was really interesting and it’s exciting to have someone in my life devoted toward helping me on my own spiritual journey, guiding and directing me into the things of God.

Putting actions to my intention is important. I look forward to sharing a bit of both.

Do you ever have the best intention and not the greatest follow through? Or am i all alone here? Would love to hear about it and how you overcame the valley of good intentions! Share your story, Leave me a comment.