Brett Younker // Music Monday 21.0

I went to camp with my youth group (well i only went for 2 days, my daughter was about a week old and i didn't want to be gone for a week) but the time i spent at camp had a few highlights, one was the worship band... Brett Younker

Now it's totally not fair, some places just hord tallent, Louie Giglio and his church Passion City are one of those places. Now this isn't a serious beef, i'm just a little jealous.  Brett and his band lead worship for the student ministry at Passion City. Totally not fair! But true.

When i returned from camp i immediately purchases a couple of the Brett Younker CD's and was not disappointed. Overall the album Come To The Water is solid but there are a couple songs that i really like...

The title track Come to the Water is one of them. (listen to the album version, the video above is the acoustic version but it's great song!)

Not Ashamed —  God Is Able — Holy Mystery Are a few of my favorites. Check em' out!

And here is a pic of my daughter i mentioned... she is pretty awesome!